All Things Horror Presents...BACKWATER

By allthingshorror (other events)

Saturday, November 29 2014 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

I have a scary feeling we're going to have to widen the seats a little bit as all of us recover from our post-Thanksgiving gluttony turkey fest, but dammit, there's movies to be screened! 

We've got a fantastic feature for your viewing pleasure this November. Chris Schrack's BACK WATER is a terrific example of what you can do with a smart idea and limited means. 

Cass and Mark (Liana Werner-Gray and Justin Tully respectively) are out to enjoy a weekend at the secluded lakeside Cass used to enjoy as a little girl. Their idyllic time away is shattered when they hear a cry for help in the wilderness. Torn over whether to seek them out or leave well enough alone, Mark's good samaritan side kicks in while Cass gives up the ghost early. Separately they encounter a lone fisherman with a suspicious lack of equipment and the town's sheriff that seems to have questionable motives for patrolling the woods. It comes as no surprise then that later in the night Mark and Cass find themselves attacked by and on the run from an unseen assailant. With their car disabled and their supplies strewn about the campsite, the duo are forced to hideout in order to survive the night.

Sounds like something you've seen a thousand times before, right? Wrong. Back Water takes some wild turns from the midpoint on, and Scrack does a terrific job between ramping up your adrenaline and keeping you on the edge of your seat with moments of nailbiting tension. 

As always, we'll have a presentation of short films before the feature, including Stephen Martin's DEAD HEARTS, which isa  fantastic and whimsical little horror comedy that plays out EXACTLY what you believe a Wes Anderson horror movie would.

The night starts at 7Pm in the Somerville Theater Microcinema, next to the Museum of Bad Art. 
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