The Trilogy of Indie Terror

By allthingshorror (other events)

Saturday, October 18 2014 5:00 PM 10:00 PM

Just in time for Halloween your friends at All Things Horror are proud to present our own Trilogy of Terror. Featuring three works of stunning independent genre cinema. We've lined up something for everyone's taste, and have plenty more up our sleeves. So rather than settle for the same old edited for television “classics” your local cable providers are running around the clock, come down to the Somerville microcinema and catch three of your future favorite films, today.

The lineup!

THE LAST BUCK HUNT The husband and wife team of Becky & Nick Sayers are bringing us this mix of backwoods humor and horror. Led by a wanna-be hunting prodigy, the hapless crew of an outdoors show hunt a legendary buck that's terrorized residents of the Northwest for years. The show's unassuming cameraman tries to hold the crew together as their outdoors adventure turns deadly. Filmed in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, The Last Buck Hunt is an independent feature film where the cast becomes an endangered species in this horror-comedy, you'll have to decide whether to laugh or scream. 

THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA Pete Schuermann's docudrama proves once again that the truth is stranger than any fiction. Many horror and B-movie fans are familiar with the schlockfest The Creeping Terror from the merciless lampooning it received at the hands of the MST3K crew. Less known is the story behind the film's creation and it's shady director Vic Savage. This film delves deep into the conniving scam artist as he wrangled funds by any means necessary, even hooking up with Charles Manson himself at one point. Alternately gut busting funny and horrific, often within the same scene, this is one of the most talked about indie films of the year. The film includes interviews with the men and women Savage scammed while his ex-wife provides eye opening insights into the abuse the man was capable of inflicting. <iframe width="300" height="169" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

BAG BOY, LOVER BOY Taking its cue from the heyday of grindhouse cinema, this film would have fit right in with 42nd Street cinema crowd of sleazebags and dirt merchants. Not since the original Maniac has a movie captured New York at its dirtiest. Newcomer John Watcher is a revelation as Albert, a developmentally disabled, emotionally stunted adult that unknowingly finds himself taken advantage of by a photographer looking to shock the world with his images of sex, violence and exploitation. When Albert is unable to separate art from reality, he winds up creating his own macabre and grotesque works of art. We are proud to bring one of the more controversial films of this past summer's Fantasia Film festival to Boston. 

Tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door.  Cash is king but we also accept cards vis Square